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Beehives can advance education 

Help the Honeybee

Educational institutions across the U.S. are changing their schoolyards with pollinator-friendly gardens that help with their kitchen budget. Most of these gardens include active beehives. Tamarack Apiaries would like to launch a youth education program, a program that educates youth about the importance of bees and what we can do to save them.

A beehive is a science fair project in progress, it is biology class in a box and is the perfect vehicle to teach not only biology, but about the environment, agriculture, science, ecology, nutrition and food sources, cooperating with others and social structure, we can even teach history! Our kids can learn all this by caring for and observing the activity of bees. There are many ways to use bees to teach our youth, not just about school orientated things, but also practical life skills such as management, budgets, and observation to name a few.

Also, this atmosphere is ideal for connected learning, learning disabilities and the mentally handicapped. Autism camps around the world have had great success using beehives. Tamarack Apiaries would like to help Educators bring this type of education to the Flathead Valley communities.

This takes a lot of time and resources, therefore any size of donation will help with this endeavor. We want to thank you for helping us bring this to our community.