We’re very dedicated beekeepers here at Tamarack Apiaries. We learned that nothing is more relaxing then sitting in your yard after a hard day at work watching the peacefulness of your bees coming and going from the beehives.

We have noticed that the residents of Flathead Valley are educated and understand the nationwide Honeybee crises.  Area homeowners also are very pro-active and want to help. But busy as our hectic lifestyles are, very few people have the time needed to make that difference.  Old school beekeeping requires a huge investment in time going to classes and apprenticing to learn the skills needed to manage honeybees. Keep in mind all the challenges facing honeybees, more time is needed now than was needed 25 years ago.  The number of beehives in the U.S. has gone down by 90% in the last 40 years and the lack of time people have to devote to bees is a primary reason.  Old school beekeeping is becoming a dying art.  Even the Boy Scouts have dropped their Beekeeping Merit badge a few years ago.

Setting up and maintaining a beehive on your own, is a considerable investment taking into account hardware, boxes, frames, foundation, shipping, assembly, bees and queen, hive maintenance tools, and medications if needed, the monetary investment and expertise required to put it all together and make it prosper can be daunting and takes years to obtain. Keeping this in mind, we think you’ll find our services rates are a cost savings and not more than what it would cost you to do it on your own!

A New Generation of Beekeeping

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Here at Tamarack Apiaries we have started a NEW SCHOOL OF BEEKEEPING for the 21st century.  In the past, if someone owned a beehive, they had to be beekeepers.  With Tamarack Apiaries, our clients are hive owners and have the enjoyment of hive ownership; honey, the joy and relaxation of hive watching, and the satisfaction they are making a real difference in their world, without having to go through the long learning curve this hobby previously required.  We provide the proper equipment and our expertise to our clients; we’ll deliver and set up their hives, manage their hives, do our best to keep them healthy, and extract their honey for them when it is time to do so.

  • Queen Rearing
  • Hive Bodies
  • Beekeeping Tools
  • Beekeeping Kits
  • Protective Clothing
  • Medication
  • Feeders and Feeding Supplies


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