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What Makes Tamarack Apiaries Unique?

  What makes Tamarack Apiaries unique is that we are not just another supply store. We offer a full line management and maintenances service. We are a one stop library of information and produckt if we don't now or have it we will find out or get it. We know there are hundreds of other business out there that sell bees and bee supplies, but we go the extra mile. We are with you every step of the way.

   What makes Tamarack Apiaries different is that no one else selling equipment or bees is willing to support their clients after the sale. Tamarack Apiaries WANTS to be a part of your bee hive experience - this is what we do. It is your hive and your bees but we also consider them OUR bees as well for yhey are a benefit to our
  Tamarack Apiaries will do whatever it takes within our power and expertise to ensure that your hive thrives and that your experience is a positive one. Every location offers a different environment and each hive has its own character. We want to share in your journey with your bees. Allowing us to stay involved with your hive permits us to become intimately familiar with it. This allows us to better care for the bees and ensures your experience will be a rewarding one.

  Before we deliver your hive to you we’ll have assembled the hive and stocked it with a healthy colony of bees. We will then be able to assess the hive’s strength and temperament before bringing it to you. After it’s yours, we’ll inspect your hive every 3-4 weeks.  We’ll nurture it, medicating if needed, split it when ready, feed it when necessary, and extract your honey for you when it is safe to do so.  You'll enjoy your bees knowing with greater peace of mind that someone with expertise is standing behind you giving your hive a better chance of survival.

Having a beehive at your home really IS following the old adage of “Think Globally, Act Locally”.